Liberation 040 ~ 2022

Schedule, 17 september 2022

Today the 5th edition of Liberation 040 takes place. During the day (from 12.00 to 18.00) of Liberation 040, you can get tasty snacks and drinks at the bar on the terrace or at one of the food trucks. You can also enjoy various performances on the stage located on the terrace. At the cultural square, on the west side of the 18 Septemberplein, you can talk to veterans, hear stories from the heroic men and women of the military and visit the exhibition. 

Prior to the evening program (6:00 – 1:00 p.m.), the terrace will be taken down to make way for the large dance floor. There is an extensive music program for young and old. The food trucks remain standing to get a tasty snack or meal and the bars stay open for a drink. Enjoy your freedom at Liberation 040.

Liberty song

This year marks the fifth edition of Liberation 040. Time for something special! This year, in collaboration with the Eindhovens Muziek Collectief (EMC), a liberation song called ‘Bevrijdingsnacht’ has been created! The song gives the contrast between an underlining feeling of terror and the joy one has felt about the liberation of Eindhoven. The song was conceived and produced right here in Eindhoven, by the local artists of EMC. Scan the QR code below and enjoy this new song:

Speak Up

Each year, in addition to the theme of Freedom and World War II, Liberation 040 has a topical theme. This year’s theme is Speak Up, which, especially after the corona pandemic, is very relevant and also applicable to World War II. With the theme Speak Up, Liberation 040 tries to create awareness for people who do not feel free to speak out. On the one hand, this concerns people who do not dare to speak up about what is on their minds. On the other hand, it’s about people who don’t dare to speak out about who they are.

Liberation 040 tries to make it clear that speaking out about what you’re dealing with or who you are can be a good thing, as long as it’s appreciated. Liberation 040 does this through lectures, an exhibition, and a post on social media. There are also cards on the tables with questions about Speak Up to create awareness and a conversation.